Paradoxian Guard Application Process

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Paradoxian Guard Application Process Empty Paradoxian Guard Application Process

Post by Derakor on Wed Jul 22, 2009 3:44 pm

The Paradoxian Guard Application Process

The Application Process for joining the Paradoxian Guard at this time will be the need for PMs (Private Messages) to the current Commander of the Paradoxian Guard, and/or the current Party President at the time of the Application.

The Commander and Party President are subject to change, so be sure to find our who is in those position at the time of your application. If you PM the wrong person, your Application will not be taken, or processed.

Your PM and applications are important to us, and to the future of eCanada. Please be sure to include the following in your application:

In-Game Username:
In-Forum Username: (If different from In-Game)
In-Game Strength:
In-Game Rank:
Do you currently have weapons and/or moving tickets? If yes, how many of each (W/MT)?
Are you a eCanadian Citizen, and affiliated with the Canadian Paradox Party?

Once you've filled all that out, in the appropriate order, and send you PM to the the appropriate person, your application will be processed and reviewed as soon as possible and an answer will be given in like manner as it was received.

Thank you.

Current Deputy Leader of the CPP(x3)
Current Military and Foreign Affairs Commitee Chairman
Current Commander of the Paradoxian Guard
Former Minister of Fortis (x1)
Former Leader of the CCF
Former Congressman (x5)
Former Deputy Minister of Defence (x1)
Former Minister of Defence (x3)
Former Deputy Prime Minister (x2)
Editor of The Canadian Nation
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First Lieutenant

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